What kind of leads do you receive from TigerLead?

What kind of leads do you receive from TigerLead?

Tigerlead Lead Quality 

TigerLead, The real estate solution


What kind of leads do you receive from TigerLead?
Here is Tristan Ahumada’s take on this question in the video below.

Tristan And Associates uses the popular real estate solution provided by TigerLead.

Tigerlead is a great solution, when someone begins their home search a lot of the time its routed through. When you get the lead you are most often the first Realtor that he or she has spoken with, giving you a great edge to begin the relationship with the client. Leads often are just now beginning to search for a home and are still early on in the process, on average leads that come from Tigerlead’s take between 1 to 2 months to become hot prospects.

In this video Tristan answers the question, how do Tristan And Associates use the Tigerlead system,

TigerLead provides a premium, fully integrated marketing platform for real estate professionals. products are not run-of-the-mill; our clients receive high-quality local buyer and seller leads, and are able to qualify and cultivate the hottest leads while incubating the warm ones through an intuitive lead management platform.

Coupled with our world-class customer support and service, TigerLead provides powerful, effective tools to help agents and teams cultivate, manage and close leads – and do more business. – Tigerlead

Tristan And Associates Westlake Village Keller Williams Realty

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