How does leads compare to other internet tools

How does leads compare to other internet tools Leads vs. Other

When comparing leads versus using other tools and services


What’s the difference between a lead and a lead from another source?
Here is Tristan Ahumada’s take on this question in the video below.

Tristan And Associates uses the popular real estate lead solution provided by along with several others such has Zillow, Redfin, Movoto, etc.

The key message is, EVERYTHING works, but some things just work better. With, people are inquiring on a specific property and that usually follows the showing of that property, after that if you display your knowledge and credibility then that person will most likely use you has their agent. When comparing leads gathered from your blog site or other social platform, a lot of the time the lead is just curious or playing with the idea to make a move or sell their home. This is still a great practice but it takes a bit of nurturing rather then the lead being ready and willing to make the move when they would like to preview property. is what works best for Tristan And Associates in terms of converted leads to buyers/sellers.

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