Whats The Best Way to Convert Real Estate Online Leads

Whats The Best Way to Convert Real Estate Online Leads

Best Way to Convert Online Real Estate Leads

Its one thing to purchase online real estate leads and another to convert them into actual clients

Whats the best way to respond to online leads and what dialogue to use? 
Here is Tristan Ahumada’s take on these questions in the videos below.

Almost Immediate response is crucial in converting your online leads into actual clients

When receiving a online lead from sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, or Trulia it is crucial to respond momentarily. You have to take into account that people searching these real estate sites are looking at multiple properties and sending out numerous requests for more information. That’s why responding within minuets or having a system in place is crucial. You have to understand that you’re most likely not the only real estate agent with that specific lead. Make sure to pursue the lead and have them inputted into your drip campaign and have a system in place to followup. Once you have established a connection with the lead and have shown him/her that you are more then capable in helping them with their home search. Then most likely you will become their point of reference when a home they like pops up.

Also important is the dialogue you use when contacting your online leads, have a upbeat professional attitude and be a resource. (Use scripts if you aren’t comfortable winging it)

If you can’t always respond in time, have a system in place such has FiveStreet which will automatically begin your conversation with your incoming leads.


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