Top 10 Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents


Top 10 Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents

Use these 10 tools to better brand & represent yourself has a real estate agent in this fast paced technological world

In today’s world it is now easier than ever to get distracted by all the online commotion. From your Twitter chirping to your endless Facebook feed growing, how is one agent in this ever competitive real estate market supposed to survive the world wide web, let alone get any work done?! So you might ask, how is an agent in this day and age get Twitter to chirp their jingle and get that endless Facebook feed to compose their message? Well, you know what they say; if you cant beat them, join them, Use these apps & services to help you get the job done and become the best real estate agent.

Canva-Logo1. Canva – This is the image editing software we have all dreamed of! Just search from an array of quality free and paid images ($1 for premium element), text boxes, speech bubbles, lines/borders, stickers, your own uploads & picture frames. Then customize color & fonts with their easy drag & drop interface. Not only is it has easy has it sounds but they also have pre-made templates for Facebook posts & page covers, blog photos, flyers, and so much more. Creating an account is free and getting started is easy. (The image posted above was made in Canva in minutes). Canva isn’t just useful for real estate agents, it’s a tool with countless uses.


OpenHomePro2. Open Home Pro – This is a useful iPad application that comes in handy when hosting open houses, simple create a listing within the app or through the Open Home Pro website. Then input listing information & upload photos of the home, Once you’re finished, Open Home Pro automatically creates a beautiful display to hand over to potential clients at open houses, allowing them to sign in using your predefined sign in questions. Also the app sends out an email with a link to your listing along with a thank you message with your information.



wifi finder3. Wi-Fi Finder – This is a cool Free app that shows you nearby wifi spots, just in case you need to Docusign that last disclosure for that escrow that supposedly closes tomorrow.




1password for realtors4. 1Password - This application will help you remain sane and more importantly secure while exploring the world wide web. Don’t get your Email account broken into…its not a good time. Check out what this app has to offer, has it’s one of the more popular services. But regardless, if you don’t have some type of security protocol for your online presence already, look into it!



sunrise calender for realtors5. Sunrise Calendar- This app does a very good job at keeping up with your busy schedule, & don’t worry it does sync with your Google Calender. Sunrise Calendar supports Gmail, iCloud, and Exchange calendars. Not only that, you can also choose to link up your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. You can then manage all your Facebook and personal events in one place.




6. Tour Factory – This service is one of the more popular virtual tour providers, they really do a great job with the design and accessibility of its content. Plus show off cool statistics to your sellers, like which photo of their home is most popular, how many people viewed their virtual tours, and from where the viewers found the tour online.



evernote for realtors7. Evernote – This application allows you to keep your notes handy and throughout all your devices. Start organizing your thoughts and ideas to better transform them into reality. This app is Free with but you do have the option of opting in to one of their more feature filled memberships.




nuoffer for realtors8. NuOffer – Nuoffer allows real estate agents to write up an offer on the go in just minutes, and provides the flexibility to present the offer in a larger number of ways. The app also includes secure digital signatures, cover-letter creators, and branded accounts.

cityblast for realtors9. CityBlast – Are you tired of hearing about how important it is to be posting relevant content on your Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN? We sure were…City Blast is a service that posts interesting content from the area of your choosing, directly onto your social sphere. From cool little tricks, local real estate news, polls & quizzes, to inspirational quotes. Just set up your preferences, select the area you wish targeted, link your social accounts, & now you’re officially social… Check out our Facebook Fan Page for examples. Check them out and input the code: “Tristan” for a discount.

hootsuite for realtors10. Hootsuite / Buffer – These two services will help you post your content throughout all your social media spheres simultaneously. You can even schedule when you want your posts to be published and where you want them displayed. Hootsuite & Buffer are the Pepsi & Cola of social media management, so really its just personal choice. Check them out and see if this could work for you.

Save your time for actual work and let these tools help you

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